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DC to DC buck converter voltage regulator for arduino


Boost Converter Module, DC to DC Voltage Regulator Step Up Converter Electrical Supply Module 3-35V to 5V-45V 5A for DIY Charger Large Power Module

【Boost Module】This is a powerful DC-DC Boost power supply module, suitable for electronic equipment, digital products, etc. It can DIY regulated power supply, input voltage 3V-35V, output voltage 5V-45V adjustable for monolithic integration Circuit, digital programming, precise control, reliable and durable.

【Precision Components】The module has components such as inductor coil, copper heat sink, high-precision potentiometer (boost clockwise, counterclockwise), digital tube voltage display (display voltage is more intuitive), input indicator and output indicator.

【Good Performance】 0.9WH power sensor adopts new original IC input and output switch display. Input and output terminals are designed with screw terminals for easy connection and disconnection.USB and 2.5A high current output design can identify resistance and charge the phone at the same time.

【Practical Tool】The power supply of electronic equipment can be set according to the system voltage.Large capacity 12V battery high power notebook mobile power can be used at will. The single battery high current notebook mobile power supply with USB interface and identification resistance, and With 2.5A high current output.

【Note】After inputting the power (3-35V), the input indicator lights up and the module works normally, adjust the blue potentiometer knob (usually rotate clockwise to increase counterclockwise rotation and fall), and use a multimeter to detect the output voltage until needed. If the module output voltage cannot be adjusted, it is always equal to the input voltage.

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