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ROBO-Kit-4 Microcontroller Kit with Funduino Microcontroller (GBC)

$95.00 $120.00

ROBO-Kit-4 Funduino Microcontroller kit

1.  Funduino Microcontroller Mega2560 R3 with USB cable 1 pcs

2.  Stepper Motor (5Volt) with driver unit, 28BYJ-48 1pcs

3.  Servo Motor (micro servo) SG90 1pcs

4. TCRT5000 SENSOR OPTO TRANS 15MM REFL PCB Mount IR Sensor 1pcs

5. 8-Channels Relay board, 5V input, 110-220V output,10A 1pcs

6. Arduino jumper wires (M to F, F to F) 40 Jumper wires in each set  2 sets

7.  Push button switches, 10 mm  5pcs

8. 10 K resistors, ¼ watt 10pcs

9.  330 Ohm Resistors, ¼ watt 10pcs

10.  Ultrasonic Sensor SR-04 Arduino 1pcs

11. IR proximity sensors-Smart Car Proximity Switch IR Obstacle Avoidance Photoelectric 1pcs

12.  Hall effect sensors: A3144 A3144E OH3144E Hall Effect Sensor 2pcs

13 .Arduino Compatible IIC / I2C Serial 2.5" LCD 1602 Display Module. 1pcs

14. IIC/I2C interface LCD1602 adapter plate for Arduino 1pcs

15. 10KOhm Potentiometer 16mm 1pcs

16.   H-Bridge L298 Dual DC motor driver module 1pcs

17.   Small storage case 1pcs

Components are as per above list and will be not same as picture.

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